The new single from Scottish singer-songwriter Natasha Marie Stewart, known as thisisNAMASTE, is a catchy, feel-good track bursting with summery pop vibes and the unspoken confessions of early romance. 

Expressing frustration with the hesitancy that often accompanies the beginning stages of dating, I Like Your Face speculates what would happen if there were more honesty and vulnerability at this fragile stage in relationships.  

Natasha explains: “I wrote this song about the awkward stage at the very start of a dating someone, where you overthink every text message, every phone call, what should I say, what shouldn’t I say, do they like me? etc. If we were all more blunt and just said, I like your face, do you like mine? then we’d cut out a lot of that awkward phase and get just to the point of knowing where we stand.”

The melody features several pleasing transitions, from the contrast between the slow, vocal-dominant verses and the upbeat choruses to Natasha’s seamless slips between a warm chest voice and a silky head voice. Alongside the single comes an aesthetically pleasing music video, complete with a floral background and a hazy, sunlit filter. 

Natasha grew up in the small Scottish town of Lanark, where she fell in love with the music of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, despite her parents’ non-musical professions. In pursuit of her passion, she moved to London, studying Creative Musicianship at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. Having spent time touring as a background vocalist for the likes of Rita Ora, Ella Eyre, Bebe Rexha and Martin Garrix, she is elbowing her way to centre stage with a steady stream of singles, which include her 2020 number Papercut as well as this new release. 

This is just the beginning for Natasha, who is currently working in the studio to release more new music this year. 

Watch the video for I Like Your Face: 

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