Following a year of quarantine, 20 year old pop singer Taylor Felt has released her debut single Once In A Blue Moon. After years of dedication, endless sacrifices, passion and hard work, her music is finally out in the world.

“Once In A Blue Moon started out as a phrase in my notebook that I’ve had written down for years. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that you would rarely do. It’s letting your hair down and living by your own rules. After a year of staying home, the urge to do something Once In A Blue Moon is even greater,” says Taylor.

Through tireless dedication, Felt has found her sound within pop, sharing an R&B influence and lyrics that give an insight into the woman behind the music. With an understanding of the power social media holds, Felt has organically grown her audience to 3.5+ million and demonstrates the beauty of DIY.

Once In A Blue Moon is an instantly catchy hit. With a bold opening guitar riff flowing beautifully into Felts dreamy voice, it’ll be an instant add to your playlist. The pop and R&B influence comes through perfectly while having a slight punk sound. Alongside the release, Felt has shared the music video to match, in which Felt finds herself trying to decide on a constant weekend dilemma – going out with friends or staying in to continue writing music and playing guitar in her room.

Check out the track and video below!


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