Following on from previous hits, Drivers License and deja vu, 18 year old Olivia Rodrigo is absolutely killing it. Her music is so hard to get out of your head and carries such a range. With her latest track, Rodrigo is breaking away from her sadder hits for this bold and empowering track.

good 4 u is loud, powerful, and not afraid to take up space. Throughout the track you can feel power building, before throwing you around in a true punky style. With a bold bass throughout you’ll catch yourself tapping along before getting up and dancing without a care through the chorus.

It’s an exciting moment to see such a bold offering from a female artist. Setting up a feeling of encouragement to put yourself first and not settle for less.

Watch the video for good 4 u below:

Opening with calmer and almost hypnotic vocals, before leading into a proper punk sound, it’s a song that doesn’t let up. good 4 u has old school Paramore vibes, while strongly standing on its own. It would be unfair to not let Olivia have her moment to shine. This song will no doubt leave you feeling that you can achieve anything.

Fans of Orla Gartland and Tessa Violet will absolutely adore this track. It’s one to make sure you turn up loud and dance like no ones watching.


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