Bishop Ivy notes artists such as Bon Iver and Frank Ocean as his musical influences and this shines through on his latest single Tunnel Vision, a track that is both moving and emotional yet mysterious and hypnotising to the listener. 

Recounting being scared to let go and move away from a relationship, the young artist described the song by saying he was “scared to let go of this person, even if it meant harm would come [his] way” and that this was all he could think of whilst creatine the song, hence the title, Tunnel Vision

The track was written and produced by Bishop Ivy who, with a range of releases under his belt, experiments widely with production through his music. Such as, he explains, recording himself “banging around with some tools and turning that into the song’s percussion, and taking a train sample to use sort of as an ominous string section”. The use of samples and curious method of production brings the song to life through the juxtaposition of emotional lyrics and the song’s engaging sound. 

After releasing his debut EP in 2019, Ivy has since released a range of singles exposing his talent through his musical style, lyricism and production. This gives each of his tracks a unique technique and approach and if this continues throughout his musical career, this is an artist whose imagination could break boundaries when it comes to creating his music. 

You can listen to Tunnel Vision below:

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