British indie-rock icons, Razorlight are making their return. After 10 long years the band are returning with classic line up of Johnny Burrell, Andy Burrows, BJörn Ålgren and Carl Dalemo.

Speaking on the reunion, Andy Burrows said “It feels incredible. We’ve spent the past week or two rehearsing. Playing these songs has been an absolute joy. The emotions that were going through me when we started playing ‘America’, I forgot to play the first half of the song – it was totally nuts. It’s been amazing., It’s so powerful playing these old tunes. It’s very, very special”.

Performing together for the first time in over a decade, the reunion will be marked with a live stream on June 2nd; a show you’re not going to want to miss.

Johnny adds “I’m really enjoying reconnecting with Andy and Carl, it’s like getting to know people again. I’m enjoying it because you never want to lose friends. It’s a horrible thing to think. It doesn’t really make sense. It definitely feels good to me on a personal level. On a creative level – amazing. We’ve been in the studio rehearsing and recording. As soon as the four of us are in the room, it just sounds amazing, straight away”.

Razorlight have a career full of iconic moments. From being photographed by Mick Rock and David Bailey to duetting with rock legend, Roger Daltry and being the first band to record with Chris Thomas in Mark Knopflers’s famous British Grove Studios. The indie-rock group have also worked with actress Jane Birkin and The Kinks’ Ray Davies, as well as performing with Sir George Martin. They have also been invited to write for one of Hedi Slimane’s most memorable fashion shows based on their look.

Not only have Razorlight made their mark in music, but they’ve also featured icons such as Guy Pearce and Noel Fielding within their music videos.

As well as having a huge musical impact, Razorlight have become known for their activism, with front-man Johnny writing a front page for The Independent about climate change. With climate change being a passionate cause, the band were also the first to record a fully carbon-neutral single, Funeral Blues, with UK action group Friends Of The Earth.

Striving for better, Razorlight have been great supporters of Nelson Mandela’s AIDs charity by performing at the charity’s fundraiser concert twice. Razorlight have given us some incredible hits over the years. America, In The Morning and Who Needs Love are songs pretty much everyone will be able to recall. This live stream gig is going to be a truly memorable evening and one you wont want to miss.

If you want to get involved tickets can be purchased here!


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