Flo Gallop has a voice that you can’t forget and that oozes positivity. Her new track Can’t Be Friends is a fun and flirtatious bop that will have you feeling empowered and without a care in the world. With a poetic vibe in her lyrics and funky instrumentals, there’s something pretty magical about Flo.

South-east London born and bred, Flo was raised around music. With her dad making songwriting feel like breathing, there was no doubt that she’d go far. Living to perform, Flo hasn’t set out to change the world, but to grab your attention and make it feel like a warm embrace from a friend.

Can’t Be Friends explores a position we’ve probably all been in – falling for the wrong person and happily overlooking the consequences. Throughout the live session you can see the passion and energy pouring from Flo and it’s so obvious she’s in her element. The infectious song boasts bright and energetic melodies and a move-inducing beat, all complimented by Flo’s distinct vocal delivery.

Watch the live session below:

The songwriter shares, “This song came from another deluded boy crush and was based around the nerves of seeing someone when you know you shouldn’t and that they’re not good for you, but also knowing you really want to, attempting to make someone jealous and just generally being up to no good.”

Navigating the world as a woman in your 20’s isn’t the easiest thing to do, but Flo pushes to see just the good and great in her life and in her work, giving listeners a stream of positivity, that’ll encourage you to look on the bright-side too.


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