19 year-old singer, songwriter and actress, Talia Jackson, has shared her debut single HIDDEN. Following her big break in acting in Netflix’s Family Reunion, Talia has turned her talents to music.

HIDDEN is written entirely about the freedom felt when being free from a toxic relationship, embracing the empowering feeling that she needs no one but herself. During the pandemic, filming for Family Reunion was put on hold and so Talia began writing her own music to explore life as a solo songwriter. Each month til the end of the year, Talia will be sharing new music with her audience.

This bright track has a hugely funky beat to it. With gorgeous and delicate vocals, it lends itself perfectly to the freeing emotions Talia explores. Her empowering music discusses important themes such as embracing her identity as a biracial woman, overcoming mental health issues and not allowing external influences to dictate who she is at her core.

Watch the video for HIDDEN below:

Music is something many turn to as a mean of release and Talia is no exception. Using music as a therapeutic outlet to help her through past and present adversities she faces, especially navigating her personal mental health struggles and she hopes others will find solace in it as well.


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