Follow on from their 2020 Resilience EP release, Halflives have bloomed into Spring with brand new single Vibe. If you find yourself constantly thinking “I’m sick of all your bullshit” or “sick I never fit in”, then this is the revolution that you want to be a part on. Get in on what could be the anthem of 2021 and Vibe with Halflives.

Lead singer Linda Batallini invites you to join the revolution and sing along, “I grew tired of playing nice and bottling all my anger up, I let it all out on “Vibe” (just so you know, the working title for this song was “bullshit” lol). While I was writing it I was picturing myself as a sort of leader of the French Revolution, and I was leading all the misfits and the ones that had been left out to power. That’s what “Vibe” is about. Letting everybody know they have a place in this world, just gotta fight for it and rebel a bit when things feel unfair.”

Listen to Vibe below:

Halflives will playing a special warm up show in Paris in July, followed by a rescheduled UK tour and appearance at 2000 Trees Festival.

Halflives July 2021 Tour Dates

8th July – L’International Paris (exclusive warm-up show)
9th July – The Joiners, Southampton
10th July – 2000 Trees Festival
11th July  – The Underground, Stoke-on-Trent
13th July – Satan’s Hollow, Manchester
14th July – The Key Club, Leeds
15th July – Camden Assembly, London
16th July – Met Lounge, Peterborough

Tickets for the tour can be purchased at


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