Sam Valdez has shared her latest single, Palms Casino, in the run up to her forthcoming album. The full length album, Take Care, lands 7th May and we could not be more excited.

Valdez’s vocals are beautifully wispy and perfect for a day in the sunshine. Her warm instrumentals give an iconic coming of age feel, that perfectly coincides with the themes Valdez explores. Acting as a personal memoir of people and experiences that have been central to her life experience; Take Care will be an intimate listen.

“It’s about recklessness and the first real life changing experiences of intimacy, learning to be more self reliant, coping and moving on.”

Take care boasts a reverb-dipped and textured sound. Combined with melancholic songs, the end result is a truly breath taking album. You can get ready for release by checking out the single below and pre saving the album here.


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