Ellysse Mason first made her way onto the music scene in 2018 with the debut single Hunt Me Down and following EP, with the same name. Since then, Ellysse has released multiple singles and has established an impressive following of over 407,000 on Tik Tok. Through Tik Tok trends, song covers and snippets of her own music, Ellysse shares her enchanting voice with her audience on the platform. 

Her new release Perfect, is produced and co-written by singer, songwriter Matt Wills, who has been gaining success and acclaim since his debut album in 2015. The song came together completely by accident, as Ellysse and Matt describe how a drunk, late night conversation about their lives turned into the song you hear today. 

“We ended up having a few drinks talking about our relationship situations. Ellysse was sitting by this old, noisy electric piano playing chords and as we were talking, we ended up turning our conversation into a song. We didn’t even think who or what we were writing the song for; it just felt easier to chat about it all as a song. Before we knew it, it was 3AM and we were both so tired we put in some scratch vocals before heading to sleep. I woke up forgetting we’d even written it until I heard my manager playing it downstairs… We tried reproducing it over and over again, but in the end something about Ellysse’s tipsy piano playing and our tired vocals just felt special and, in the moment, ended up being used on the final record. I love the song as it feels so conversational and two people really speaking their mind without any undertone of “we’re writing a song so it needs to be like this” the honesty of it all to me really is the beauty of it.”

Both Matt and Ellysse’s voices blend together perfectly to create a piano ballad that expresses the real worries, insecurities and thoughts of both singers. What starts as simply piano accompanied by Matt’s vocals, progresses into both artists’ voices together, complimented by Matt’s production of the track.

Both artists have displayed so much talent across recent projects and have much more to show, with upcoming releases planned in the coming year. Ellysse continues to grow her audience and has also been featured on BBC introducing in March 2021.

Listen to Perfect below:

You can follow both Matt and Ellysse on Instagram.


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