Claire Reneé shares a ray of sunshine with her latest album, Wings. The album Combines R&B, Soul, and Jazz with pop, celebrating Reneé’s gorgeous vocals. Her gentle voice draws you in with every soothing word. With a heavy influence from hip hop, you’re given a dreamy vibe to fully indulge in.

Claire began dancing at the early age of four and trained at highly esteemed dance schools such as The Dance Theatre of Harlem and Alvin Ailey. With a natural ear for music and performance, Reneé pursued studying at Berklee College of Music and the New School for Jazz and Contemporary music.

Wings features nine tracks, inspired by relationships and explores coping with the beautiful and challenging sides we face. Talking about the album, Claire explains:

“The human experience encompasses lots of different emotions. There may be some anger, sadness, clarity, visits from spirit guides and even epiphanies. We lead out by honouring that we want to change or see change in our lives. That includes doing work on ourselves, while reminding ourselves we will always push through and even find our Wings. Getting to the other side brings light and even empathy to the very same ones who hurt you, couldn’t show up for you, or wronged you in the past.”

Opening with track Honey, you’re pulled into a gorgeously relaxing vibe that instantly has you in awe of Claire’s delicate vocals. The track is a love letter to the one who shows you and makes you feel that you’re not hard to love. With an intense relatable feeling that so many of us will be familiar with, it’s a true self-esteem boost.

Claire reveals, “Sometimes past relationships with people who made you feel like you were “too much” or in some way asking for a lot, make you feel like there is something wrong with you. Then you find people who remind you that love can be sweet, smooth, and beautiful because they are choosing to really see you and love what’s there in front of them.”

Wings is out now to stream, taking you on a ride that’ll have you hooked from the moment you hit play.


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