Throughout times like these, many of us are searching for comfort and safety through the music we listen to. Many artists are using their time away from touring and playing shows to provide this music, both to audiences and to themselves. Canadian singer and songwriter Miranda Joan’s latest release Home, is no exception. 

Moving home to Vancouver from New York caused the Montréal-born singer to wonder where she really belongs and who she is. As, after a year so different from all artists have ever known, it has required them to find new ways to connect with their work and their audiences. 

The song focuses around Joan reflecting on belonging and is told through her captivating vocals. It feels nostalgic as well as expressive, allowing the listener to join her in questioning where life is taking her, as so much in life is changing for all of us. 

The accompanying music video sees the singer in the beautiful scenery of Vancouver, whether that is her floating in the ocean, or wandering through the nature of the area, the video illustrates the concept of isolation – a feeling a lot of us have experienced over the past year – but juxtaposes it with the lyric “I have a home back with you”. 

No matter where the world takes her, Miranda Joan is optimistic that she will continue to find herself and where she belongs, wherever that is. 

Watch the video for Home below:

Check out Miranda’s website to stay up to date on her music and upcoming album Windborne.


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