Rising London-via-Switzerland singer-songwriter Kings Elliot has shared her third single Bitter Tonic, which reveals some of the singer’s most vulnerable moments.

Describing herself as a “sick puppy”, the singer has spent her life battling borderline personality disorder and anxiety and users her music as a way to explore her personal thoughts and fears and also as a means of healing.

Speaking about the single Kings says “ ‘Bitter Tonic’ is about self-sabotage, self-hatred, self-destruction… all the things I’ve always felt too uncomfortable to talk about. 

“The bitter tonic is mine” is the idea of desperately clinging onto my pain, defiantly refusing any help, because at my lowest it’s all I possess, all I have control over.”

The honest and raw the track shows off Kings’ truly stunning vocals, as well as her ability to share some of the darkest corners of her mind in a beautiful way, allowing others to know they’re not alone.

Listen to Bitter Tonic below:


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