Calgary musician & RALEIGH co-founder Clea Anaïs has made her return to music with the release of Hazy Days, marking her debut as a solo artist.

Anaïs had taken a break from a career in music to pursue a career in aviation, but due to Covid she had to make other plans. The release of her debut single, Hazy Days, is an electro pop track, accompanied by a video which works perfectly; a choreographed dancer seamlessly flowing alongside the music.

‘Hazy Days’ captures that moment when you meet a new person and know simultaneously you love each other, but that no matter how things play out you won’t move forward in this life together. It is about the practice of really being present with someone, because the second you let go, time will catapult you forward again, and the moment will be lost forever,” says Clea.

The whole track has a romantic and day dream feel about it, almost hypnotising you into trance state. Hazy Days is the first of two singles expected early this year, with things hinting toward a full length album.

You can check out the video for Hazy Days below, with the single also available to stream.


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