Overall Score: 9/10
Pros: A showstopping album, created to be witnessed live!
Cons: Not yet spinning on my vinyl player

To quote Sleep Forever from their outstanding 2018 self-titled debut, if you ‘don’t know where it starts or where it ends’, then let me tell you. With their forthcoming album Written & Directed to be released on Friday 19th March 2021, via Fox Five Records, packing a punch with their actual blood, sweat and tears, Black Honey are killing off any sophomore slump, by depicting ‘a 10 track mission statement that aims to unashamedly plant a flag in the ground for strong, world-conquering women’. Filling the female-shaped gap and inspiring the cult-like fanbase, the second album is making everyday feel like #InternationalWomensDay!

Providing an entrée to the album, with introductory track I Like The Way You Die, the genre-fluid band are making a meal of it with the whip-cracking sound of spaghetti westerns blended with the sweet ‘taste of humble pie’, proving revenge is not the only dish best served cold. Saving 2020 and sticking their fangs into 2021, with the taste for blood, refusing to [raw]hide in the shadows, Black Honey are staking their claim on the album charts, disinfect[ing] the disaffected, and presenting a soundtrack, not only to your Summer ’92 but for the entire year ahead. To be enjoyed on the Beaches, at the Back of the Bar, and on the Run for Cover, [Cadil]lacking in nothing but pure adrenaline, ambition, and all-around badass-ness, Written & Directed is the teeth sinking album for any occasion.

Detailing the good, the bad, and the ugly of society, Black Honey are giving you no choice but to bow down and listen. Unafraid and unapologetic in their beliefs, proving a religious experience of their own, the Brighton four-piece are stepping outside of the confessional box to speak their truth, making you thank God for Black Honey and saying amen to the words of singer-songwriter Izzy Phillips.

Giddy up for this anything-goes album with the attitude to match! As original as ever, Written & Directed explores everything from ‘womanhood, to identity and power’, setting the place on fire and blowing up everything from buses to speakers in its wake. Not one to belong, Written & Directed is entertaining the silence and creating a category of its own. Encapsulating the vintage vibes of the album by knitting together different genres and influences, Black Honey are ripping up the rule book by writing and directing their own. Queen of any age, furious frontwoman Phillips perfects social club realness with anti-social bingo hall glamour. Calling out numbers, Written & Directed is 90 – top of the shop, that makes you 34 – ask for more. With audio as cinematic as its visuals, there’s nothing stale about this album. From action to cut and remaining true to their namesake, Written & Directed is not just striking oil but gold as well!

Black Honey – Written & Directed will be out on March 19 via, Fox Five Records and is available to order here.

Written & Directed – Tracklisting:

I Like the Way You Die
Run for Cover
Back of the Bar
I Do It to Myself
Summer ’92

We recently caught up with Izzy Phillips to find out more about the album, check out the interview here.


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