Bedroom pop artist Amber Jay has released her stunning debut EP Never Too Far From A Dark Thought. Having already given a taste of her sound with single, Pencilled Brims and Stay The Same, it’s beyond exciting that the full EP has landed.

Amber Jay has created a beautifully unique sound that’s full of character. Blending genres, we’re given a variety of hugely atmospheric tracks. With a range of funky excitement and brutal vulnerability, there’s something truly special about this release. Following on from her previous singles, Jay released The House, a thrilling and haunting single.

“The House is a menacing, raw and psychological track about a mutual understanding with someone who is going through something you’ve experienced. It explores the idea of being caught in a crossroads, when you have to decide whether to continue to live in a way in which is to please others but pains yourself and confronts the discomfort of admitting the truth. It’s also about lust and giving into feeling something so strongly that even if it was just a temporary interaction, you believe it is so right you’d give up everything just for that one experience.” 

Receiving support from Huw Stephens, BBC Introducing and Spotify; Amber Jay has made a clear and definitive start early on in her career. Confidently putting herself fully out there with this debut EP. The tracks pull you in so many different directions, in a slightly chaotic way, but it all seems to make sense in its own way. Each song is different and will get caught in a loop in your head for its own unique reason.

Throughout the EP you’re taken on a ride of emotions. Striking a beautiful balance between relatable tracks and feeling like your experience is completely personal and different to anyone else. Throughout her music, Amber Jay draws on a fascination between music and screen; something you can’t help but ignore with the cinematic sound. The experimental production leaves you heavily invested in where you’re going to be taken next.

Never Too Far From A Dark Thought features previously unreleased tracks My Own Way and Person. My Own Way opens up in such a gentle and almost haunting way before building up to a more electronic and video game sound.

‘Own Way makes me feel like I’m on a ride or I’ve been dropped into Super Mario game. This song was written around the same time as ‘Stay The Same’ and are woven from the same narratives. At this point we were working remotely on the EP due to the big C and so this opened other opportunities like the possibility of Simon Tong (the verve) jumping on with some guitar parts which sound so cool,” says Jay.

Closing the EP with deeply personal track Person, Amber’s delicate vocals are shown off in all their glory. Her wispy voice adds to the emotive and vulnerable sense the track offers. With a stark contrast to the more energetic tracks on the EP you’re shown the range of experimentation Amber has created. Person offers the perfect close to a wildly exciting ride that leaves you so desperate for what Amber will bring out next.

This song is me being super honest and vulnerable and I can’t really believe I’m putting it out for people to hear. I really love the song and I cried my eyes out writing it. I think it’s so sad because it’s not a classic ‘break up song.’ It’s about noticing the love starting to seep out like you’re trying to cup water in your hands and there’s no way to stop it draining painfully slowly through the gaps between your fingers,” she says.

Never Too Far From A Dark Thought is 18 minutes of experimental bliss. Giving a totally unique and fresh sound to get hugely invested in. You can check out the full EP in all its glory below and keep up to date with Amber on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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