Interview: Sami Nathan – More Than Just A Voice

Having recently made an appearance on ITV’s The Voice, impressing the legendary Sir Tom Jones with her stunning re-working of the Etta James classic At Last!, Sami Nathan may not have won the competition, but she’s won our hearts with her new single Older With You. Written during lockdown, the track is her first release since being on the popular blind-judged singing show. We caught up with the talented, soulful singer and songwriter, who has written over 500 songs, to find out more about her experience on The Voice and her new single…

What sparked your initial interest in music and when did you know that music was what you wanted to do?

It really doesn’t feel like something I ever made a conscious decision about. There’s never been another option for me. I have written and sang for as long as I can remember, the creative side is very natural to me. When it comes to business, that’s something I’ve really had to learn, I’m still learning! 

Who are you musical inspirations and icons?

I’m inspired by the artists you can feel, the more drama the better. As a songwriter I do love myself another songwriter, people like StevieElton JohnThe Beatles. Equally you can’t beat a meaningful and connected vocal performance to tell the story. Obsessed with the old soul leaders and more recently Janelle Monae and Jazmine Sullivan for that. 

You took part in this year’s The Voice – what made you want to sign up?

I didn’t actually sign up. A lot of people on the voice are scouted by their amazing team. It’s something that I didn’t feel was right for me for a long time. Given the current climate I couldn’t think of a better way to connect with people this year and I’m so very grateful for the opportunity. The talent this year has also been unusually fantastic because of Covid. So many people in the industry have been out of work that may otherwise of been too busy. 

You were chosen by the legend that is Sir Tom Jones, how did you feel in that moment when his chair spun? What did it mean to you?

What people don’t see if just how long the day was! I knew there was a chance I wouldn’t even get to sing. (I didn’t know there was only one space when I went on, but I did know there couldn’t be many). I was just completely relieved. I was so much more nervous than I anticipated and I know you could hear that in my vocal. I’m such a perfectionist and my biggest critic. It was a very surreal experience. 

What did you learn through the process? Was there any specific advice that Sir Tom gave you that really stood out?

It was an absolute honour to work with Sir Tom Jones. The biggest thing I want to takeaway is just to try and switch my brain off when it comes to the performance. To just be in the moment and not panic about what comes next or what went wrong before! I’m the biggest over thinker. Much easier said than done I suppose, especially when all of that hard work amounts to a 90 second performance! 

Last month you released your single Older With You what can you tell us about the track?

My latest single Older With You is my first love power ballad. I wanted to have something new up to say a big thank you to all of my supporters old and new. It is a song I wrote on the piano during the first lockdown. It’s very vocal led too so allows my voice and the lyrics to stand alone. 

You’ve written more than 500 songs for other artists, how did it feel releasing your own music after your appearance on The Voice?

I will always write for others, as well as myself because I love to write in so many genres. I have actually released six songs so far under my artist project. Check them out ! 

What’s does the rest of 2021 look like for you?

The rest of 2021 looks pretty exciting my end! I have plenty more singles in the pipeline. Also got some features up my sleeve with some different vibes too! Can’t wait to share them with you! 

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