Hey, King! are comprised of Natalie London (songwriter, vocalist, and multi instrumentalist) and her partner Taylor Pelicity (vocalist and percussionist) As a couple this dynamic proves for an interesting twist on their songs, touching on delicate topics with total grace.

The duo have been gearing up for the release of their self-titled debut album produced by Ben Harper and set for release 2nd April 2021. So far we’ve heard singles Beautiful and Sorry with the pair dropping the super fun music video just in time for valentines day.

These two singles give a great set up for what we can expect from their forthcoming album. Both singles have a unique mix of an acoustic indie sound with a pop punk twist. Hey, King! shares a sound that fans of Arcade fire, Florence and the Machine, and Tom Petty will love!

Hey, King! Are full of fire, passion, and ambition. The music created by the couple shows off their incredible range and skill set. Blending beautiful guitar melodies throughout their songs with hypnotising harmonies, there is so much to take in and discover with the tracks.

The resilient songs come from a lifetimes worth of near-death illness faced by London. Rather than letting it get her down the pain has been turned into something positive instead. After being bedridden for over four years, it’s almost felt like having a fresh start at life again.

“During that time, I couldn’t walk, talk, read or write, I lost a great deal of my memory. I felt like I had a complete chance at a brand new life and everything from my writing to what I listen to reflects that,” says London. She adds, “Starting my life over, I felt like a kid again. There was so much unharnessed passion, longing and a need for both adventure and home.” 

Taking their name from Children’s story Where The Wild Things Are, the duo have a lighthearted and playful approach to their music while still creating hard hitting and relatable songs. While working on exploring a new musical identity, London met Plecity. With their relationship developing to a couple creating music together.

“While it makes for a really complex dynamic, you get to share every incredible experience you’ve been waiting your whole life for with the person that you love the most,” says London.

Previous tracks such as Half Alive truly show off what a powerful dynamic and high chemistry the pair have. With strong melodies and hard hitting lyrics like “I was only half alive before I loved you.”, it gives a true insight into what the pair can accomplish.

If you can’t get enough of Hey, King! you can also check out the music video for the coming of age sounding track, Beautiful below.

Hey, Kings! Self-titled debut album will be released 2nd April via ANTI-.


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