Manchester DIY artist, Manta has recently dropped his debut single Dream World. This first release will do nothing but get you excited about what else we’re going to see from Manta.

With a bedroom pop, experimental production; there is something truly unique about this track that grabs you from the first second. The dreamy track gives off a the sound of a lazy Sunday morning in the sun and explores feeling stuck in something you don’t want to do; striving forward for what you really want. Dream World seamlessly blends a mix of sounds. Infusing indie, pop, and hip-hop to create this beyond catchy track.

“I wrote dream world to show how stuck I felt when studying architecture; I had bigger dreams and aspirations than to be stuck in an office all day. I wanted to produce, play shows, and start releasing music, but I felt confined to a life I was not passionate about. My music is a big cooking pot full of everything I am into,” says Manta

The lo-fi melody and mesmerising lyrics are accompanied by red-tinged visuals, which were homemade in his bedroom. Going all in on the DIY approach to his music. Manta rocks a super sharp style. Showing off neon hair and a charismatic personality that comes through so strong in his music. Already receiving support from BBC introducing Manchester, we’ve got a lot to look forward to with this up and coming artist.

One listen to Dream World just isn’t enough, it’s a song you’ll have stuck on repeat and dancing along.

You can check out the debut single below!


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