Soul pop/rock artist Casii Stephan has just shared her highly positive new single Here Comes The Light.

The Tulsa based artist has created the perfect track to help us get through the hard times we’re facing right now. Here Comes The Light encourages listeners to let go of the negativity that may be thrown your way and instead embrace the lighter side to life.

Throughout her music, Stephan holds a theme of hope: “It’s such a cliched word and yet there are so many layers to it. Hope keeps us alive. It keeps us moving. But it also feels flighty some days like a pixie that does what it wants. But it’s not a pixie. It’s more like the air we breathe. Some days it’s presence is stronger than we realise and some days we forget in our day-to-day lives that it’s there… keeping us moving forward”.

With a slow and steady open Stephan builds up to a powerful ballad sound. Her vocals have a hugely warming and welcoming feel, pulling you in and leaving you hanging on every word she sings. Sharing emotional lyrics with intimate stories she creates a sense of trust and that things will get better. Here Comes The light has a roller coster of melodies that give off a nostalgic coming of age feel that leaves you feeling full of energy.

Being compared to the likes of Florence Welch, Fiona Apple and Carole King, it’s obvious Casii Stephan is one to watch. Recently being profiled on Billboard and performing virtually at Sundance, it’s an exciting time to check out this bright release.

After growing up shy and afraid, Casii Stephan found her voice when she began writing songs on her family piano when she was just 16. Through music she has been able to transcend everyday life and find a deeper sense of self.

Here Comes The Light is out now and be listened to here:


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