Bristol-based alt-pop quartet, Ålesund are bouncing back from an unexpected hiatus with a brand-new EP and music video. The group are gearing up for the release of single Lightning, due out on February 26th, with the a music video following on March 5th. This atmospheric single will feature on their forthcoming EP, A Thread In The Dark, following on from the success of 2020’s All Hail To Your Queen. There isn’t too long to wait either, this brand-new EP is due for release in Spring.  

Rather than let a change in plans defeat them, Ålesund have dusted themselves off and carried on. Seeking an outlet to a disappointing situation of their European tour being cut short last year. Vocalist and songwriter, Alba Torriset retreated back to hometown Hastings to reconnect to music. With everything that 2020 threw our way, Ålesund were determined to turn a bleak year into something uplifting and full of hope.

“With all the negativity in the world, I wanted to create something uplifting and optimistic. There’s been so much this year: Covid, BLM, Extinction Rebellion, the US elections. Things were hard enough without summing it all up in song form.”

Rather than try to force it all into one song, the four track EP A Thread In The Dark came to life. Alba and guitarist Lloyd Starr pulled together demos, giving off a euphoric and festival vibe. Long term collaborator and producer Jake Bright was brought in to pull the final touches together and finish the record.

As being in the same room wasn’t an option Alba took to logic to bring her ideas to life and share with the rest of the band. Going right back to basics, Alba got creative with a depth of layers of rhythm and texture, even using wooden spoons to get the desired percussive sound. All of this features in the record, with the rest of the band liking how the restrictions of lockdown ended up pushing the sound forward in ways that may not have happened in the same way, had they all been in the room together.

“Making this kept us all moving,” says Alba. “Trying to bring a bit of light into our lives was important. The experience of spending some time together and really focussing on something in detail was essential for us. If music is supposed to do anything it’s bring people together. We hope when people listen to our latest offering it brings some happiness and hope!”

With this EP, the lyrics guide you to look at the bigger picture in life. Encouraging us to make the most of the chance lockdown has given a lot of us to slow down. It gets you appreciating all the smaller details you normally would overlook.

“Lightning was written about that feeling you have before making a big life decision, or waiting for another to make that decision which will in turn impact your own life. When you just need to pluck up the courage and take the plunge into the unknown; However, if you truly trust and believe in something, good things will come out of it.”

Lightning will act as the EP’s leading single and is due for release February 26th across all major platforms and will later be followed by accompanying music video landing March 5th


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