Singer, songwriter, and producer, Sid has released his brand new EP Bridges. At just 18, there is no doubt Sid is self aware and confident in his sound. Originally from Mumbai, Sid began producing music back in grade school and has grown to write and create beautiful songs, packed full of emotion.

This three track EP is compromised of tracks Bridges, Connection and Fire, covering the artist’s move from Mumbai to London; and his hopes of building new bridges and creating new and real connections.

Exploring a move full of emotion the three tracks tell individual stories; yet flow beautifully together to tug at your heart strings. The EP opens with title track Bridges which explores the challenges that come when you’re seeking new ventures, reflecting on the loss of old ones and being strong enough to rise past for success. This track has a definitive neon-drenched synth sound to it, combined with acoustic elements and punchy drum beats.

Connection pulls a big emphasis on building new relationships and struggles of loneliness and isolation. With the times we’re currently in, it can be harder than ever to build new connections and keeping a sense of direction.

Bringing the EP to a strong close is Fire, a song that falls perfectly into a heartbreaking love song, with a minimal and ambient sound. It’s a beautiful track to fully fall into and escape real life for a few minutes, giving you the ability to feel anything and everything as intensely as possible.

Stream Bridges below:

This young artist has a hugely bright future ahead of him. With musical influences of Lauv and Ed Sheeran, Sid is set to go far and create more beautiful music with a high level of self awareness thats wise beyond his years.


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