Ireland’s rising stars, Wild Youth are about to take over 2021. After a hugely successful year in 2020 with hits Through The Phone and Next To You the indie pop quartet aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Kicking off 2021 with their latest single Champagne Butterflies.

Wild Youth have received huge support and popularity for their music. Racking up over 1.2 million Spotify streams for Next To You as well as frequent adds to playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. 

We caught up with Wild Youth to get to know the Irish indie pop stars and find out exactly what’s gone into their flow of hit releases…

Next To You is a brilliant track and had such a great reception. It’s got such a bright energy to it; what musical influences played into the creation of the track?  
Thank you so much. I think with this we took a lot of inspiration from some early disco records and wanted to layer it with an uplifting pop topline. 

The music video has a really funky vibe to it and instantly reminded me of Paramore’s video for Caught In The Middle. What was the process for bringing your video to life? 
Oh I’ve never seen that video, I’ll have to watch it. The inspiration was to bring a super colourful scheme into our new music. It was heavily inspired by the psychedelic era and the fact that we could only film to green screen lol. 

Through The Phone definitely hits home with how we’re all adapting to staying in touch now. Did this track come to life as a result of lockdown? 
Yes this song was only written in August. It’s about being separated from someone you love and not being able to just jump on a flight or go and see them. Promising them that if loving through the phone is all we can do, that’s what you will do every day until you can be reconnected. 

You’ve worked with Focus Ireland for Shine a Light Night Campaign, helping raise awareness for such a fantastic cause. How did that opportunity come about? 
We always try and give back in any way we can because we feel so lucky to be in a position to raise awareness and help. Focus Ireland is a charity very close to our hearts as homelessness is a growing problem. We want to do anything we can to raise awareness and much needed funds for charities who are doing amazing work to help try and fix this problem. 

Who would you say your biggest musical influences have been as you’ve grown as a band? 
I think our influences change all the time. Being exposed to so much music all the time we are constantly inspired. Be it new production, new writers, new acts and art in all forms. 

What would you tell your younger selves about where you are now? 
Enjoy the journey. Take everything in. 

Lockdown and Coronavirus have been hugely challenging for so many artists, how have you found ways to stand out? 
Have we? Ha. We don’t know what we are doing, nobody does. One thing we were sure of is that we wanted to just keep putting out music for our fans, who continue to support us and believe in us every day. 

What new music have you discovered during lockdown?
Olivia Ricardo 

You’ve previously supported the likes of Mumford and Sons, Zara Larsson and Niall Horan, what kind of things did you pick up/learn while on tour with these guys? 
Mainly how grounded they all are. No egos. How to really invest in every way to make the show so special for people who have spent hard earned money to buy tickets. It’s a full days work to buy a ticket to a show, so you have to make every show special. 

What can fans look forward to when live shows return? 
Lots of new music. Probably longer sets cause we won’t want to leave the stage. Lots of colour. 

What are you missing the most about live shows? 
Everything, honestly even waking early. Being at a venue. Seeing fans outside. Sound check. Hanging around a venue. Nerves building, the show. The travel, our crew. 

You’ve made huge waves at home, and now you’re taking the UK by storm, have there been any standout surreal moments for you? 
Yeh, and actually this time has been amazing to reflect. Touring Europe was a real highlight. Sold out Irish and UK shows and playing The Royal Albert Hall. 

When gigs are back and you’re headlining your own show, who would you love to bring along as support acts? 
We really carefully choose who supports us, because they become part of the show and part of our team for the tour. We are so close with everybody who’s supported us and have had insane acts support us.

How have you kept yourself motivated and releasing such positive and upbeat music? 
There are good days and bad days. Recently I’ve just missed playing shows so much, but some days I love being in studio writing and having time. It comes in waves. But yeh releasing music makes us feel purpose and seeing that our music lifts people’s spirits through these tough times is really nice. 

Wild Youth’s latest single Champagne Butterflies is out now to stream, setting up for whats going to be another hugely successful year for the band.


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