It goes without saying 2020 was a rough year. Following on from their DIY track F2020, Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff decided to kick 2021 off with some positivity. After the success of the TikTok breakout hit, the track also topped The New York Times prestigious Best Songs of 2020 List. 

Rather than slide further into a negative state of mind, the trio instead released their upbeat new track, Woman. This new hit does nothing but ooze positivity and celebrate the beauty of women. The catchy track will have you caught in a loop of singing and dancing along to its funky beat.

We kinda said all there was to be said about last year,” says Santos, who’s vocal sets the champagne buzz feeling of the track. “Why more negative? Why not lean into something a lot more sexy, beautiful and awesome like women’s bodies, their vibe, their soul. Let’s start 2021 with something positive, something that feels good!”

With so much negativity in mainstream and social media surrounding women’s bodies, Avenue Beat have popped off with this track to break down some of the critical narratives. Celebrating girls bringing each other up rather than tear one another down.

“There’s so much body shaming, labelling, judging,” offers Bearden. “Truth is your best friends are your girls… the people who’re there no matter what happens are your girls… when you wanna dig into whatever, something fun, something tragic, ultimately, it’s your girls.”

This powerfully confident track is the bright anthem is just whats needed to focus on making 2021 a better year. Woman fully embraces loving and being a little kinder to yourself.

Listen to Woman alongside the hand drawn animated video created by Savana Santos in true DIY style, below:


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