Rising pop star Jack Errington has had a busy couple of months. Having already released two singles, he’s back with his latest release Turning My Phone Off. Following on from Not Alone and Drunk and High, this catchy track shows off Errington’s growing talent.

Written during isolation, Turning My Phone Off takes a plunge to combine pop with contemporary R&B to deliver an upbeat track, mixed with contrasting lyrics. The single gives off an energy of longing and conflicting pain and is honest and relatable, showing Errington to be wise beyond his years. “I was reminiscing on specific times that were painful and how they eventually led to some form of personal growth; Pain in growth.”

Through his music Errington shows off a diverse vocal range and mature sense around his lyrics. Growing as an artist and showing dedication to perfect his craft. The young singer puts emphasis on going through difficult times but making it out the other side stronger than before.

Bursting onto the music scene with a 2017 X-factor appearance, Errington has continued to rise. His 2019 singles Pull Me Closer and Losing Control debuted and charted at 40 on the iTunes pop chart and 52 on the Top 100 Worldwide respectively.

Watch the video for Turning My Phone Off below:


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