DC alternative quartet Merci, have just announced their signing to Rise Records and have also released their fantastic debut single Foolish Me. The brand new track is accompanied by a music video directed by none other than Lindsey Byrnes (Hayley Williams, Tegan & Sarah) and Aysia Marotta (Lewis Capaldi, Hinds.)

Talking about the debut, Merci’s Seth Coggeshall explained:

“Musically, it’s representative of the emotional space it came from. ‘Foolish Me’ was inspired by a long-distance relationship and specifically about the cyclical repetitive loss inherent in that kind of relationship.”

Foolish Me is a highly mesmerising track. Blending blissful guitars with beautiful melodies, it’ll be hard not to get this single stuck in your head. The strong debut, artfully creates a narrative of the highs and lows of a long distance relationship.

When you reunite, you’re required to relearn each other, and it’s not always a graceful process. That life experience was framing my worldview, and there was a latent emotional energy. It spilled out in a bizarre emotional catharsis. Musically, I thought of it like Smashing Pumpkins meets Sia.” 

Watch the video for Foolish Me below:

Seth Coggeshall, Nick Jones, Colby Witko, Justin Mason, and Jack Dunigan have played in a range of groups separately and together. Merci’s foundations link back to a core friendship between Seth and Colby. Bonding in Middle school over their love of music and songwriting. After meeting Jack, Nick, and Justin, the five members officially founded Merci in 2018 and began work on their debut album due out in 2021.


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