If your goal in life is to find happiness, then it can be found here, thanks to the newest catchy release Background Noise by Columbia, SC trio Happy. Instantly hooked with a bass line that wouldn’t go amiss on a Green Day album. The tension of the continuous chunky pop beat is suddenly cut, with its sweet, unexpected piano medley, that leaves you wanting more. Luring you in with a toe tapping rhythm and addictive lyrics to boot, you’ll soon be singing “say you’ll be alright, say you’ll be okay”, bringing Background Noise to the forefront of your mind. 

Firmly making their presence known within the emo/pop-rock world. Happy. makes no apologies for their attendance, just like their record company Rude Records. Following tracks Liarliar and Sick is the New Sane, Happy. serves you another slice of pie as the sequel to A Cure For Wellness.

“Both songs focus on the story of someone very close to me that I love very much struggling with addiction. Background Noise in particular is a reflection of the experience from my side. It is a song full of forgiveness and understanding and love. After a lot of time and thought, I realize now how I could have handled the whole thing better,”  says Tate Logan (Vocalist/guitarist).

Background Noise which premiered last month, has a taste of All Time Low, which makes it not so hard to believe, the man responsible for bands like WeezerTheFront Bottoms and Motion City SoundtrackMarc McClusky has also produced their new album Imposter Syndrome which is out on October 30th. Unlike the title of their new album, Happy. makes you feel like you belong, with their positive sound and welcoming, relatable lyrics, that could easily be taken as memories. Happy. enlarge:  

From the lows of depression, anxiety, and addiction, to the highs of travelling, making friends and living the dream, this record is our everlasting chase for ‘success”.

Listen to Background Noise below:

Imposter Syndrome Tracklisting

1. Sick is the New Sane
2. A Cure For Wellness
3. Hooky
4. Liarliar
5. Dull Boy
6. Background Noise
7. After School Special
8. April is for Fools
9. June Gloom
10. Black Picket Fence

Just like their record company, it’s ‘rude’ not to share: https://happy.lnk.to/impostersyndrome

Find happiness and follow Happy.:


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