Tropical indie duo Summer Salt are bringing fans together in uncertain times with their latest offering. The brand-new video for their single Palm tree on Avenue G features artwork from over 100 fans from across the world. Each artist was assigned a scene, provided with frame templates, and most importantly given full creative freedom. The result is a beautiful music video that flows so perfectly with this ultimate chilled out indie bop.

Every section in Palm Trees on Avenue G has a distinct personality and individuality to it. Summer Salt have done a fantastic job bringing together talented fans to create this beautifully unique, relaxing music video.  

Summer Salt effortlessly blend vibrant summer tracks with a soothing indie vibe, and Palm tree on Avenue G shows this off wonderfully. Their latest EP, Avenue G, is dedicated to the landmark where everything started for the duo. It features songs written when Matthew Terry and Eugene Chung were younger, revisiting and bringing them back to life. 

“It’s a nice way of revisiting the past and displaying our history musically through lyrics and the songs. It’s interesting in writing a lot of the time you find yourself outgrowing something whether that be the musicality of the song or the message of the song itself, but those moments lived in our history and there will always be others who connect, relate, and find inspiration for the message even if that’s not where we are today. I think that’s why this felt nice and exciting for us.” 

These revisited tracks are being brought back to life with a fresh twist. Featured on the EP is Little Legs, a hugely infectious song you can’t help but tap bop along to. This dreamy track gives off massive summer evening vibes, perfect for brightening your day. The song explores how strength is so much more than simply a physical trait, but emotional and mental strength play a vital role in life. Summer Salt’s music hugely focuses on fans having a level of peace and acceptance within themselves. 

You can check out the music video here: 

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