No matter the genre, music is at its best when it’s real, honest and raw. And what’s more real, raw and honest, than sticking up a middle finger to your abusive ex-partner. 

Enter the new single from MuddiBrooke, Devil. 

“When I wrote Devil, it came from a deep anger inside me that I’d been bottling up for a while.

It stems from a mentally abusive relationship. The man I was with was very controlling – to a point where I didn’t even recognise he was until many months after it ended. I never loved him properly but it felt like I did – it was classic Stockholm syndrome. He controlled what I wore, who I talked to, my music at some points. He was always around me and I couldn’t get him to spend some time apart. Every time I tried to talk to him he just flew off the handle. He knew I loved a peaceful life, so he used this.

As these things are, it was a very twisted relationship. I thought I loved him but I actually deeply hated his guts and what he was doing to my life. But on the flip side, it gave me some great lyrics.
The whole song is basically just a big middle finger up to him – and he’ll know.”

What frontwoman Brooke describes there is a scenario that’s all too familiar to far too many women. But what’s more powerful than taking those feelings and that anger and channeling them into the venom filled, best track of your bands career to date?

MuddiBrooke have been a band on a steady rise since their inception at the start of 2020, but Devil marks a big step forward. Its verses are stripped back but the sheer power of not only Brooke’s gruff vocal, but the instrumentation, are what really take the track to another level. It’s obvious that the lyrics come from a very real place, and that immediately makes the song relatable, and easy to make a connection too. Wrap all of that up in crunching riffs and a whole lot of anger, and you’ve got a monster single on your hands. 

A single that is bringing these three-women known as MuddiBrooke all of the acclaim that they deserve and more. 

Watch the video for Devil below:

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