Following on from debut single Badlands Irish duo Dark Tropics are back with this bright new single Moroccan Sun to throw you right back into that summer feeling. Much like the video for their previous release, Moroccan Sun has a strong cinematic and nostalgic feel to it. This latest release shows a brighter pop sound to the duo, demonstrating the strong range the pair has. Moroccan Sun shows off the happier side, dancing away memories of a passionate romance, giving off a romantic take on heartbreak and moving on. 

 “Moroccan Sun was written as a narrative for my first travelling experience fully on my own” says frontwoman Rio. “It’s letting go of what you believed to be your comfort, your light in life. Understanding that you will always have some constants, but things will change and mould around you, and embracing this brings a new sense of happiness. Taking the step to leave the old behind, move forward into the new and embracing a new chapter.” 

This latest single from the duo will leave you with a fresh sense of optimism and upbeat energy; while leaving you reflecting on the highs and lows of romance, fragility of heart ache, and carrying on despite any hurt you may be facing. Their take on pop and indie music will have you longing for more and eager to listen to what’s to come next. 

Watch the video for Moroccan Sun below:

Moroccan Sun is available to stream now.


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