Following on from their previous releases Suck It Up and Blame Me Too, Cruel Hearts Club (Edie, Gita and Gabi) are back with their brand-new single Dirty Rotten Scum.

Cruel Hearts Club deliver the perfect blend of indie, rock, grunge and pop and Dirty Rotten Scum is no exception. Speaking on the track the band said.

“They’re dirty rotten scum.”

“From the day they met she knew she could never love anyone as violently as him. From London’s dirty neon streets, their gloriously messed up yet defiant love story begins.  Low-life car-crash lovers living heady and hard, caught up in their own rum-soaked broken world, at times both heavenly and heart-breaking, their cruel hearts tangled up forever. Years fly by, babies are born and life as they know it takes a twist and a turn.  To be continued.”

The track, which was mastered by Abbey Road Studios’ Mike Showell, was also produced by Carl Barat of The Libertines, who even directed the music video too!

Watch the video for Dirty Rotten Scum below:

Check out our interview with Cruel Hearts Club here.


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