Taken from her forthcoming album, heart theory, ReadY to love is an uplifting the closer to the album that deals with the seven stages of grief. Lindsay Ell has been outspoken in wanting to use her platform to support other sexual trauma survivors. 

Of the single, Ell says, “When I wrote this song, I knew it was the one we had to end the record with. It’s truly a song of acceptance and a vow to myself to look forward.”  

Alongside the single and the release of heart theory (14th August via BMG), Ell launched her Make You Movement charitable organisation in early July 2020.  Make Your Movement aims to provide funding on an as-needed basis to at-risk youths, domestic abuse survivors and sexual trauma survivors. Ell explains, “Knowing now that I am living my story, and I want to continue to empower people to tell their stories.”

We completely admire Lindsay Ell’s perspective on life and trauma, and can’t wait to listen to heart theory.

The Make You Movement can be accessed via: www.cfmt.org

Listen to Lindsay Ell’s ReadY to love single:


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