Pop-punk trio Happy. have released their second single, A Cure For Wellness, from the upcoming album Imposter Syndrome, which will be out on October 30th via Rude Records

Despite having such a positive sound, this hugely energetic track carries a much deeper message. Unfortunately, it’s one that many people will likely be able to relate to. Even with this darker meaning behind it, by the end of the song you will be left with a much bigger feeling of hope and optimism. 

Speaking of A Cure For Wellness, vocalist and guitarist Tate Logan said: “This song focuses on the story of someone very close to me that I love very much struggling with addiction.”

After forming in 2016 and releasing their four track EP, The Endless Bummer, Happy. spent the following year working hard to figure out their sound and write brilliant new songs for their fans. A big driving force of the band is creating music that helps in promoting personal growth and positivity, and this is exactly the vibes given off by A Cure For Wellness. A song everyone should listen to if they’ve hit a rough patch and need that extra bit of help to pull through it.

Watch the video for A Cure For Wellness below:


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