KID DAD will be dropping their debut album, In a Box, tomorrow (August 21st). The album was previously announced alongside the release of the band’s bouncy single A Prison Unseen. It’s a hugely strong set up for what is going to be an absolutely incredible album.

A prison Unseen explores the loss of control and spiralling nature of mental health that is all too often impossible for anyone in the world around you to see. Mental health is frequently explored in music, but A Prison Unseen truly captures the isolated nature of mental illness, and what it feels like to live with such a weight on your shoulders while still looking perfectly fine to those around you. 

Watch the video for A Prison Unseen below:

The level of detail and hard work that went into creating the track demonstrates just how much care went into the production of the album which was fuelled by a range of song writing trips covering England, China, Switzerland, and Berlin.

Vocalist and guitarist Marius says “I really enjoyed working with so many different setups. You absorb everything when you’re young – I want to take advantage of that.”  

“‘In A Box’ is ambiguous,” he continues, musing on the album’s title. “Is the box your prison or your hiding place? Do you get claustrophobic when you think about sitting in a noiseless, random, dark box or do you even wish to be in such a place? People cannot be divided or sorted by this question. It is the moments, the feelings, the actions that make everyone react and feel differently. Torn between fear and longing, we tell each of you what we feel and how far-reaching those feelings are within this album.”

KID DAD truly are a band you’re going to want to get involved with. This excellent group put a brilliant twist on your typical punk rock band, creating melodies you’ll have stuck in your head for weeks. Their music is raw and hard hitting, while simultaneously giving you a sense of hope and optimism. 

In A Box will be released 21 August via Long Branch Records.


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