London-based artist, Duchess has dropped her latest single and video for Breakup Sex

Duchess has already had her talents noticed by the likes of BBC Introducing and has amassed over 1m streams online. 

Breakup Sex fuses electro-pop with a heavy dose of sexual energy, and saw Duchess team up with writer and producer Patch Boshell to showcase Duchess’ impressive vocal performance.  About the collaboration, Duchess said, “We are such a strong team when we create together, and the process is such an enjoyable experience. We both understand what I want to deliver in my music and this track came about through us exploring different narratives.” 

Breakup Sex saw Duchess write about, “a previous experience of mine where the foundations of our whole relationship revolved around the sexual chemistry and nothing else. The narrative of wanting to leave someone but being sucked back into this immense sexual chemistry, is something we all have or know someone who has experienced this in life.” 

Watch the lyric video for Breakup Sex:

Breakup Sex is a new chapter in Duchess’ journey as she gears up to release her debut EP in 2021. 


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