New York based singer-songwriter Sari Schorr has released a new video to accompany her song The New Revolution, inspired by the latest Black Lives Matter protests.

The song, which features on her album Never Say Never!, was written back in 2018 to honour Martin Luther King, Jr, but Sari was inspired to create a hard-hitting new video for it featuring images of peaceful protests, George Floyd and police. 

Sari explains: “I wrote ‘The New Revolution’ to express the feeling I had that the world would soon be entering an era of great change. In response to the message of racism and division that was being amplified by our president, I could imagine a growing movement that would embrace the fight for social justice.

“That moment of change has finally come. The time has come to welcome a new age far beyond the grip of hatred and cruelty”

Sari’s work is very much inspired by current events. She also re-released another single Ordinary Life back in May and shared a self-shot video of New York under the COVID-19 lockdown.

Watch The New Revolution video below:


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