Falkirk’s very own Pleasure Heads are back with an incredible pop punk song, that has a wonderfully dreamy and unique indie twist. This beautiful song explores what it’s like to try and communicate in our society. Cosmopolis beautifully highlights how genuine human connections are frequently lost through a lack of being present. We’re constantly reliant on social media to feel some kind of connection, that often we could feel it on a deeper level without screens to aid us. 

While the track takes its chance to make digs at modern society and mock the likes of dating apps and the 24- hour news cycle, the chorus leads into a catchy sense of optimism with standout lyrics such as “I want to feel you for real. Strip away all the fuss” that you’ll be singing over and over in your head for the rest of the week, and hopefully leave you reflecting on your own relationship with technology and the impact it has on the connection with those closest to you. 

Vocalist and guitarist Euan Purves gives a perception of the concept behind Cosmopolis coming to life: 

“The idea for this song mainly comes from my disdain of technology. I’d admit that being able to see, in real time, events happening on the other side of the world is valuable in bringing humanity together; yet the personal connection is suffering as a result.” 

This brilliant anthem starts off slower, with building catchy beats that will equally build up your energy. Although we’re in a weird situation where we have to rely more on technology to stay in touch, this song still delivers an important message about putting more value on your connections in the long term. Despite having quite a unambiguous and deep message behind the track, Cosmopolis leaves you feeling in an upbeat mood and wanting to hang out with everyone closest to you. 

Pleasure Heads are absolutely a band to check out if you’ve not had the joy of listening to their music before. Cosmopolis is a great introduction to this unique indie, punk rock mash up of bangers. 

Listen to Cosmopolis:


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