2020 just got a whole lot better – McFly are back and ready to rock our world’s again with their first record deal since 2009. The band are now signed with BMG and have just finished recording their brand new album, Young Dumb Thrills, which will be released on 13 November 2020.

Today the band announced the first single Happiness, which will be released this Thursday (30th July) which is said to be an infectious new track with a “festival vibe” to McFly’s classic pop-rock sound – just what we need for summer.

Tom Fletcher explains: “This song was always the clear choice to come back with – as soon as we wrote Happiness, it kind of defined where the rest of the album went.”  

Danny Jones adds: “There’s that hands-in-the-air feeling about it, like when you’re drunk or you’re having a barbecue. You can put it on and your kids will dance to it, your wife will dance to it, your granddad, everybody, even the lads!” 

Having taken a hiatus back in 2016, forming as super group McBusted as well as gaining multiple individual achievements over the years in the forms of book publishing, acting, and TV appearances, there’s not much that McFly can’t do and it’s become clear the break well was needed. Danny says: “I think the break we had from one another made all this fresh again – it made it really exciting. There was a new vibe and open-mindedness to it all, and recording near our homes gave us so much freedom – it didn’t matter if someone had to leave for the day, which meant we didn’t overthink anything too much. Recording just became part of our lives.”  

We are so glad to hear the guys are back and cannot wait to hear the new track on Thursday, but for now, here’s a reminder of where it all started…


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