Pop Sins are super excited to bring you the video premiere of Lizzy Farrall’s beautiful, raw and honest single Okay. The video was self-filmed, edited and directed during the lockdown.

Speaking on the single Lizzy said “Okay is what I’d call the interlude on the album. The lyrics are very personal and the performance on the track is very raw… I struggle to sing or even listen to it if I am honest. The song itself is based around being stuck in your own head and being forced, because of life situations, to be independent but also discovering whilst doing so, just how much self hate is actually present. This is also probably more relevant to me now than when I wrote the song.”

Watch the video below:

“This music video was a challenge to me. I came up with the idea two weeks into lockdown and I filmed, edited and directed it all myself. I wanted it to be real, as I feel it’s very prevalent to the situation we find ourselves in now with Covid-19 and being isolated,” says Lizzy.

“…people are having to face their thoughts and perhaps start to actually care about themselves.”

“I am someone who will openly admit that I keep myself busy a lot of the time in order to distract myself and not address my demons. Right now, we are in this weird state of feeling like the world has just stopped. We are stuck between four walls and it’s hard to keep our minds busy, so people are having to face their thoughts and perhaps start to actually care about themselves. For some, that can be a massive challenge, but at the same time perhaps this will serve as a wake up call to actually look after one another.”

Bruise, Lizzy’s debut album is out now through Pure Noise Records


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