A band. Kinda nice. 

Pabst in their own words. Simple, with no unnecessary frivolities. Their sole focus is making quality, impactful music. Nothing more, nothing less. Just three guys from Berlin who make really fuzzy, really fun, Garage Rock music. 

They’re also a band who never sleep judging by their approach to touring and playing live. Since the release of Chrlorine in 2018 the band have clocked up more live shows than they or anyone else can count as well as over 30 festival appearances in 2019. Pabst are a band on a mission. 

New album Deuce Ex Machina is an 11 track, 34 minute and 11 second, all you can eat platter of fuzzy riffs, social commentary and that all important Pop Punk sense of fun. This album is proof that you can take on the world and highlight the ills of society while still delivering dirty guitar riffs and killer choruses. 

Some albums take a little while to find their groove but Pabst are right on top form from the jump. Marchina is a breakneck whirlwind of thundering drums, crunching guitar solos and a towering chorus. While Ibuprofen finds the band cranking the Pop Punk up to 11. 

“Lightening in a bottle, the stars aligned, it’s magic.”

As mentioned above, there’s a hell of a lot more to these guys than catchy hooks, they’re a band with something to say. Gentrification is one of the themes of the album and it’s skewered perfectly on Useless Scum and especially on Skyline as the band lament that “The city’s no place for losers like us!”

There’s a quick dream-like interlude in the shape of Wish.com before it’s back to business with Fugitive (Another Song About Running Away) and Hell, which might just be the best song on the album. Its stomping drums are a statement of intent, and its soaring chorus could rouse the dead. It’s peak Pabst. Lightening in a bottle, the stars aligned, it’s magic. 

Straight Line and Up The Heat both suffer from following the previous track a little bit, and lack the same spark. They’re both decent enough album tracks, but definitely lean more into being solid rather than spectacular. However, the band do stir themselves one final time for the grand finale My Apocalypse. A track that does exactly what you’d expect, “Everyday I’m awake, I’m your greatest mistake” says it all. 

Not to sound too hyperbolic but there aren’t really any weak points on Deuce Ex Machina. You can probably skip Straight Line and Up The Heat and the interlude is more of a palate cleanser than anything else, but there is nothing that will be a serious detriment to your enjoyment of this record. There is nothing offensively bad, and the high points are frankly stupidly high. It’s an album of beautiful distortion and melodic fuzz, with sharp and incisive song writing thrown in for good measure. 

Deuce Ex Machina is Pabst’s finest work to date. Of that there is no doubt. It’s Garage Rock with a social and political punch. And in 2020 that’s something the world needs a hell of a lot more of. 

Watch the video for the band’s latest single Legal Tender:

Deuce Ex Machina is on sale now.

Listen to the album below:


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