There will be a hundred and one things bands plan for when they gear up to release their debut single. Making sure it appears in as many places as possible, that it’s polished to perfection, getting some good press, you get the picture. Notice the phrase ‘having to reorganise your entire release and live schedule around a global pandemic’ doesn’t appear on that list. 

So now you’ve got an insight into the world of MuddiBrooke, a self-styled all female Alternative Rock/Grunge three piece from Derby.

That aforementioned debut single is called Turn To Dust and will be sent out into the world on 14th May, complete with a live stream solo gig from lead singer and guitarist Brooke on the band’s Facebook page. 

The trio is completed by Anna Melidone (Bass, backing vocals) and Mary Prince (Drums), and together they have crafted a cracking debut single. 

Despite the Alt-Rock label the track gives off more of an early Oasis style vibe, and that’s not a criticism by any means. It’s anchored by a rough around the edges style vocal, think Janis Joplin with less cigarette smoke. The song itself is a slow building tale of unrequited love, and the feeling that life is passing you by. It’s first half is all acoustic guitar, relaxed drums and not a lot else, but the rousing guitar solo and energy that hits in the final third is more than worth the wait. 

The band plan to release more music in the coming months and eventually tour Europe, and they have laid a brilliant foundation here. Turn To Dust is a fantastic introduction and potentially just the start of a very long and successful career. 

Listen to Turn To Dust below:

For more information on Muddibrooke, check them out on social at @muddibrooke


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