Interview: Introducing Karen Harding

Karen Harding is one super talented lady – she’s a singer, a writer and she knows to create the perfect party playlist. She recently collaborated with Future Kings and L’Tric, singing on their brand-new single Rely, so we caught up to find about more.

Were you always interested in dance music growing up?
I always loved to dance, I remember my brother and I doing workout videos together and then making up dance routines from them! I used to gather all my mams friends round and do dances for them, looking back I wouldn’t have the courage to do that in my tiny living room!!! 

What does making music mean to you?
I guess, different journeys. I meet so many different people and love the journey that each session and meeting takes me creatively. It’s crazy how the smallest thing can impact you, I love how I have no idea what’s next and i’m so glad that music can bring that to my life. 

How would you describe your style of music?
Hm.. I guess, RnB Pop influenced dance music.. I write so much different music all the time it’s hard to align it all into one style! 

Who are your influences and big heros?
I love the classics and legends. Big VOCAL heros; Whitney (ofc!), Jazmine SullivanGladys Knight and Mariah Carey. I’m very inspired by a lot of producers too, I really love DisclosureCalvin Harris and Chris Lake… They’re all super talented and have their own style. 

Back in 2010 you competed on BBC’s Eurovision: Your Country Needs You and in 2013 you made it to the boot camp stage of X Factor, but neither has stopped you pushing forward in your music, you even achieved a top 10 spot with Say Something in 2015, how do you keep motivated to keep pushing on with your passion and dreams?
I think it’s important to take time out, breathe and look at the world around you. Some people love to work all day, all hours, but I feel like working like that strips my creativity to come with good ideas. I would say I’ve always been quite motivated, I just try my best to bounce back because I learned that rejection is the worlds way of saying something isn’t right for me. Every rejection just makes you stronger so i’m grateful for all those people who said ‘no’ , thank you!

You recently released Rely with Future Kings and L’Tric, which plays on the Bee Gees “we can rely on each other” How did the idea for the collaboration come along and why those lyrics?
The guys messaged me and asked me to get involved, they already had the idea to use “We can rely on each other” and I thought it was great, I instantly fell in love with the energy of the track and the positive message. I bounced over to the studio and we got working on some other lyrics and then it all just came together! So happy they had me in mind for the track as I love it so much and I hope you do to!

“We can rely on each other” is a pretty relevant statement at the moment, creatives across all industries are doing their bit to help fans while we’re all self-isolating, including yourself. Can you tell us what to expect from your Insta Live?
It certainly is! I guess, just for people to enjoy themselves alongside me. To hear some new Karen music and to hear some other absolute gems! 

You’ve also collaborated with the likes of Wilkinson, Paul Woolford, Giorgio Moroder, The Magician, Tujamo, Example, Le Youth and Purple Disco Machine, do you have a list of people that you’d love to work with?
When you write them all down together that’s pretty impressive! Wow! There’s so many amazing artists and producers out there in the world, hard to keep track. I have always loved the idea of working with Calvin Harris and Disclosure though! 

With lots of time on our hands who are your music recommendations and accounts we should be following?
I’m really enjoying Charli XCX’s insta and Christine and the Queens, I am loving her cover of The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights. I’ve been adding all my favourites tunes to my HOUSE TINGS and Friday Feeling playlists on Spotify so they’ve been blasting out in the house! 

What three things will you be doing to keep you sane while self-isolating that others can do to?

  • Writing a lot of songs
  • Finally getting round to finishing a lot of things – Music and housework!
  • lots of reading!

Although we can’t predict what the rest of 2020 will look like, what plans are you got?
I hope to get a load of new music out over the rest of the year. Some big collabs and also some Karen Harding songs. We also have a load of new remixes for Rely, the remixes are BIG, we also have an acoustic version too which i’m so excited for everyone to hear! 

Follow Karen on Spotify to listen to more of her music and playlists.

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