On a bitter cold evening in Birmingham, fans of rock, pop sensation Kaiser Chiefs made their way to the city centre for the long-awaited headline tour from the band, their last being in 2017. Having released their album ‘Duck’ in summer last year, the aptly named #DuckOnTour saw duck related references throughout the night, with hook a duck and even going as far as selling rubber ducks at the merch stand! 

Although surprising at the time, in hindsight it’s not unusual the diversity within fans which presented itself that night. With the Kaiser Chiefs older songs being almost customary for both older and younger generations alike- plus Razorlight having a ‘similar but with a twist’ genre in comparison to the headliners, they attracted a wide range of fans. It’s clear that tonight’s crowd were keen fans of Razorlight, evident by how packed the venue was.

Razorlight started the set with ‘In The Morning’ establishing the mood for the rest of the night (which by the way was nothing short of brilliant). The crowd were exceptionally enthused during  ‘I Can’t Stop This Feeling I’ve Got’ and the excitement and atmosphere of the crowd only escalated as the band played through their set, with past hits including ‘Before I Fall To Pieces’ and ‘Somewhere Else which had the crowd going absolutely mental, singing along with their entire heart and soul. The band ended their support set with the classic ‘America’ which had the audience singing and swaying along the whole time, bringing the pace down slowly enough to let the crowd prepare for the act they’d all come to see.

Anticipating the moment that was seconds away the buzz in the arena was ecstatic, needless to say it was absolutely chock-a-block. Just as with Razorlight, the lights dimmed and the crowd went wild, but this time as the curtains opened, Kaiser Chiefs appeared on top of the roof of a small house-like building, which took up half of the stage, in which they opened with ‘People Know’ followed by ‘Golden Oldies’. The roof set was an amazing asset to the show, bringing an element of surprise, but moving on to the third song of the set ‘Na Na Na Na Na’, which had the crowd thrilled, the band descended down from the roof.

After the first five songs the gig seemed to be going smoothly and other than the initial shock from the roof set, there had been no other surprises… this was, until frontman Ricky Wilson disappeared. and then reappeared on another stage in the middle of the standing crowd abut thirty seconds later. It was during this mini set that Ricky declared it was time for us to choose the next song. An audience member, on this occasion Cath, was pulled up onto the small platform (featuring its own streetlamp) to play a game of hook a duck, with a small paddling pool and fishing rod. As the audience shouted the words “hook a duck!” it’s clear that the Kaiser Chiefs know how to entertain their fans, and after a duck had been hooked, the chosen song was revealed as ‘Thank You Very Much’. Ricky continued performing on his smaller stage, whilst a camera attached to his microphone elicited some very beautiful, in your face angles on the big stage screens giving us that up-close feeling.

After this Ricky headed back to the main stage to join his fellow band mates and we were treated to those past hits including ‘Ruby’ which provoked absolute chaos in the arena, with the crowd going crazy, it was at this moment that many of those in the seated area stood up to dance along and the room was filled with almost everyone singing the lyrics. The reaction to ‘I Predict A Riot’, ‘Modern Way‘, ‘Angry Mob’ and their final song of the night ‘Oh My God’ were awarded with much the same reaction as ‘Ruby’ really demonstrating the awe and pure excitement that those attending had for the Kaiser Chiefs. 

Overall, the event really did live up expectations and the crowd left radiating admiration for the thoughtfulness and talent that was demonstrated in the arena that night.

Kaiser Chiefs – Birmingham Arena Set List

People Know
Golden Oldies
Na Na Na Na Na
Factory Gates
Target Market
Thank You Very Much
Coming Home
Northern Holiday
Everyday I Love You Less And Less
Modern Way
Never Miss A Beat
Angry Mob
Record Collection
Hole In My Soul
Oh My God

Catch the Kaiser Chiefs on the remaining dates of their tour, where they’ll be playing Bournemouth, Brighton, Cardiff and London. For more information and tickets, visit the Kaiser Chiefs website.


  1. Love this… sounds well good! I so wish I had been there if only to see that performance of Ruby, and with that crowd reaction it would have an absolutely amazing experience

    • Sounds like a night to remember! Would of been an amazing experience to be there and the atmosphere must of been immense. To pick a song using hook a duck is genius!
      Thanks for a great review Angelle and Jemma’s photos are brilliant !


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