Interview: Introducing Royse

Singer-songwriter Royse is a force to be reckoned with and we expect big things from her. Ahead of her upcoming album release we caught up with the American beauty, who we’re sure will capture your heart…

What sparked your interest in music and passion to become an artist?
I think it is something that’s always been inside of me. I always felt like I had to pursue music. There’s nothing else I’d rather do than to create art and using my voice as a tool to do that. 

Your songs are described as having the ability to explore darkness in order to get to the light, how does the song writing process work for you?
I always start to write when I am in a dark place and when I am going through something, and as I write it’s like therapy for me, I am coming to the light and finding the silver lining for what I am going through.

You’ve recently released singles ‘Oxygen’ and ‘If I Loved You’, can you tell us a bit more about your album?
This album is all about my life and things that I’ve had to work through. This album is a big journey of me finding self acceptance, self love and realizing that I am made with a purpose and there’s so much more inside of me than I ever thought.

You speak very openly in your music, but was there ever a time when you struggled to open up or worried about being so open?
I think being open is always scary but when you’ve been through so much, you want your pain to mean something. So if me by being open and vulnerable can help someone then it’s worth it!

‘Heavy Lies the Crown’, which you released in summer last year is such a strong song, you said that it felt like your whole life in the making and that you grew up with a lot of insecurities. The song came out of your realisation that “your beauty doesn’t define your value”, what was it that sparked that turning point for you? 
I was tired of feeling crappy all the time, and I had to realize that there’s more to life than this. I think I had a huge wakeup call when I lost a family member to an eating disorder, and I realized I can’t keep living life like this. 

You’re also very open about suffering from an eating disorder yourself, how did you overcome that? 
I think first realizing that I needed help, and I couldn’t and didn’t have to do this on my own was a huge first step in overcoming this issue. and knowing that I deserve to eat, and I deserve to live a happy and real life. 

Who inspired you growing up, musically and to be the strong woman that you are?
THERE’S SO MANY! But I have always loved Katy Perry because she turns a bad situation into a total party!

While we have no doubt that you’ll continue to inspire, if you could give your younger self and our readers one piece of advice what would it be?
I would tell them to be uniquely you and really try to figure out what that means and strive to be more of that person every day!

We’re just at the start of 2020, what does the year ahead look like for you?
More Music! And More loving myself! But I seriously am so excited about the new songs I have been working on! I think they’ll encourage some people to get up and dance!

Royse’s self-titled debut album is due out early this year, we’ll keep you updated!

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